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I’ve got a guest post called “Sex, Drugs, Metaphysics, and Rock ‘n’ Roll” over at Roz Morris’s website My Memories of a Future LifeIt’s a quick-read, but provides a tour of some of the recordings that influenced me as I worked directly on my novel Beyond the Will of God.

Roz runs a great shop and offers a feature setup weekly for authors to highlight their musical influences called “The Undercover Soundtrack.” You really ought to subscribe and check out some of the past features. Check out the link list at the beginning of each post. It’s a quick resource of all the links in a post that allows you to quickly follow each track the author refers to in their text. Also, one of the coolest things about Roz’s music site is the list of all the previous references you will find at the very bottom of the page. She’s posted so many great pieces on authors’ musical influences, if you just think of a musician or composer, you’ll likely find multiple links to their work in this massive database.

Roz is also the author of the “how to” book Nail Your Novel. It’s a fabulous resource if you’re struggling through writing a novel or if you know someone else who is (hint: give books by independently published authors for the holidays). I bought Nail Your Novel, first because I thought it was a manual on how to make love to an e-book, but also because the notes on the book said that it addressed “why writers abandon books” and that it would provide guidance on how to “draft, fix, finish with confidence.”

If you like literature about music and mystical connections, I want to recommend checking out Roz’s novel, My Memories of a Future Life. Roz is an accomplished author with a list of publications, especially as a ghost writer. However, now that it’s possible to publish independently, she is penning her own work and clearly enjoying the process fully. She makes the best case I’ve read in a while for independent publishing. Go here to read about that.

Please consider purchasing my books as well. My post at The Undercover Soundtrack gives a great introduction to what Beyond the Will of God is all about. You will find more music influences in a number of the stories in both collections I’ve published — Trying to Care and Implosions of America.

In fact, I am beginning to experiment with new technology that allows authors to embed soundtracks and audio effects in digital books. If you’re interested in being a Beta Reader for this kind of thing, drop a line to david.c.biddle@gmail.com and I’ll put you on the list for this rather interesting and innovative experiment.

In the mean time, read my Undercover Soundtrack piece and check out the musical links. The one for “Tomorrow Never Knows” in particular is quite a find. It is the “lost” original 1967 music video for the song. Quite trippy with a lot of great shots of John in his mustache and sideburns phase (and a cameo from Paul in the same phase).

Live Free. Read Independently.


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