Cover Art: Tim Williams, “Gymnopédie”

My psychedelic novel, Beyond the Will of God, is now posted at Smashwords. This means you can download it for reading in a vast array of formats. In addition, Smashwords will make the book available on virtually every major book distribution channel online. So if you use Sony, Kobo, iBooks or whatever, within the next few weeks, a version can be found at an online site of your choosing.

One of the things I love most about Smashwords themselves is that they allow a “You Set The Price” option at their site. Click here for the Smashwords page. You’ll see that the book now has a new cover. I’m quite awed by Tim Williams’ paintings. This cover uses his amazingly sensuous “Gymnopédie.” I don’t know if anything can point to the intent of looking Beyond the of God more than this.

5-Star Reviewed


Also, my book Implosions of America: Nine Stories is featured this week at Jason Varrone’s awesome “Short Fiction Spotlight.” The full feature can be accessed hereImplosions of America was given 5 Stars (★★★★★) back in December in a review by the UK Kindle Magazine El Dink. Check out the review by Barry Purcell here.

As always, besides their many electronic incarnations, you can get my books as paperbacks through Amazon and CreateSpace. And, remember, if you sign up for mailing list (top right of page) you can download a free PDF version of Beyond the Will of God.

May music save your mortal soul!


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