TW MugEvery writer is an independent author. This has always been the case. Digital technology just means that there’s a whole bunch more of us walking around now and we don’t need publishing houses to invest in us if we don’t feel like giving others control over our work.

“Talking Indie,” my column for the online magazine Talking Writing, debuted in their November/December issue at the end of 2012. It’s called “Sorry, Your Buddies Won’t Buy Your Book.” You can read my addendum thoughts to that article at this blog site at “Talking Indie Addendum: More On Making it Through the Indie Slush World.”

The second “Talking Indie” column is now published at Talking Writing. Go check it out here at “How Much Should E-Books Cost?”. It was also reprinted at the Huffington Post. You can find that version here.

Read my Spring 2013 posting, “Why Bookstores Aren’t Helping Indie Authors—Yet.”

For the full list of columns to date go Here to the Talking Indie list on TW.

Finnish writer Anna Kortelainen was talking ab...

Finnish writer Anna Kortelainen was talking about the book she is writing about her father – Juuret-tapahtuma 2011 (The Roots Happening) in Kerava, Finland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a reference, here’s a list of some of the indie writer’s sites I pay attention to regularly.

Check out Barry Eisler’s and Joe Konrath’s 2011 e-book, Be the Monkey, which is a dialogue between the two prolific authors on self-publishing and e-books.

If you have another site you think is just too killer not to be on this list, let me know in the comments section.

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